Significant increases in export air cargo from USA

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Significant increases in export air cargo from USA

We have recently noted the extended shipping delays being experienced ex the USA to Australia. This is now resulting in an increase in air freight cargo bookings as AU importers are seeking ways to keep stock levels at a necessary level. It is also providing greater certainty to the lead times for the movement of goods.

The resulting impact of increased air freight bookings is that some delays are being experienced by all airlines, for example Qantas Chicago currently has a 60T backlog. Lead times ex main USA gateways being LAX, ORD and JFK can be 8-12 days, for any decisions being made to utilise air services over sea freight this is not really an impact as the intent to move goods to AU faster than the sea freight is being achieved. For regular air freight cargo bookings this is a delay to your usual lead times.

Whilst the Australian border remains closed to international travel we are utilising the available cargo flight options, airline companies will be monitoring the increased volumes and should it continue we expect they will react with increased capacity.

Our USA to AU air freight solution is a key pillar within our services, we have weekly booked space ex LAX, ORD and JFK, with our agreements in place, our rates have remained consistent ex the USA during the Covid period and will continue to do so.

As always we ask that you alert our customer service team for all bookings at the earliest possible time.

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