Should you consider Cargo Insurance?

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Should you consider Cargo Insurance?

At Lynair Logistics, we understand the importance of the safe arrival of your international shipment. Unless you already have insurance cover in place your cargo is not automatically covered. During any one shipment your freight is handled multiple times and deciding to insure your goods will protect you from potential damages and loss which do occur. Without the right protection you can be left significantly out of pocket.

There are also issues around insurance coverage for the goods held up as a result of the recent Suez Canal blockage. Although cargo was not damaged the extensive delays to many vessels is seeing shipping lines seeking what is known as a general average payment from owners of goods to cover the additional costs incurred. Appropriate insurance cover would be required in this instance as well.

Cargo Insurance covers your goods against loss or damage during transit. Whether you are transporting goods into or out of Australia with a comprehensive policy tailored for your needs. Coverage for all types of freight including sea, air, road and rail is available.

There are 3 types of cover you should consider:

  • Shipment by shipment – suitable for small exporter / importers
  • Shipment for a particular project value
  • Annual insurance policy

To our customers it is very important if you do not have cover to make these arrangements be it through a third party provider or directly with us. Also for those customers with cover already in place, please ensure that you review the value of the policy on a regular basis. Circumstances can change, for example, in the value of goods being shipped you need to ensure your cover is appropriate.

We can organise Cargo Insurance on your behalf. All you need to do is simply contact us at and request a call to discuss the particular cover required for your needs.