Illegal Logging Due Diligence

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Illegal Logging Due Diligence

Most clients would be aware that goods imported under any of the following tariff codes are subject to Australia’s Illegal Logging Prohibition Regulation 2012 (the Regulations).

  • Chapter 44 – for wood and articles of wood
  • Chapter 47 – for pulp of wood
  • Chapter 48 – for paper and paperboard
  • Chapter 94 – for furniture

The Department of Agriculture and Water Resources (DAWR) Fact Sheet on the importers responsibilities is linked below.  The regulations require the importer to do ‘due diligence’ to manage the risk that the product might be illegally logged timber.

Industry has voiced concerns about what DAWR considers to be a suitable level of “due diligence”.

DAWR have now released a guidance document (link below) for establishing a due diligence system that meets the requirements of the Regulations.

In light of the guidance document, It would be worth importers reviewing their due diligence system to see whether DAWR would consider it meets the requirement of the Regulations.

DAWR makes the point that when they issue a Request for Information notice for a compliance audit, the importer must provide the information requested.  Failure to comply with the requirements can make the importer liable for a civil penalty of up to $22,200.

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